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Revengineering Revengineering

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Was hoping it was a TF2 flash when I clicked

And wasn't disappointed. Man, this reminds me a bit of ZekeySpaceyLizard's old work, only TF2-ified! Loved the use of red and blu(e) with black and white... nice and simple visual style, great music, &c.

But most of all, loved the descriptions of maps like Gravel Pit, Turbine, and Steel... some of my fave all-time classic TF2 maps (along with Mach4 and Badlands)... and the shout-out to Coldfront... a great new map from the last year or so!

Oh, and while I may have moved on mostly to playing Soldier and Medic since 2009 or 2010 or so, I used to be an Engineer 80% of the time. When people kill your babies (lil' Sentry, Dispenser, and even yer teles), it does indeed piss you off. All that work for nothing.

But... not only can you get revenge by shotgunning them in the face, you can also...


Great work, man! Keep on engineering! (CREDIT TO TEAM!)

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Soldier Is Clock! Soldier Is Clock!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Soldier Clock... an epic idea! [CD2011--#752]

First off, this is my first review since... um... 20100815, funnily enough! :)

I think you just summed up why I play Soldier. There's nothing I like better than B-rocketing BLU scouts to their deaths. Unless it's B-rocketing BLU spies, BLU engies, BLU medics, BLU SNIPERS... god I hate snipers... anyway, you get the idea.

In any event, you've created a "Soldier explained in <60 seconds" movie right here... and condensed everything great about soldier into a single Clock Day 2011 flash. CONGRATULATIONS, SIRRAH, YOU ARE ZE WINRAR OF ZE CD2011 AND THE INTRAWEBS BOTH. :::salutes you and tosses you soldier medal # 10237... or should I toss it to Strawberry Clock?:::

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Murray responds:


A flash made of B's:Part5 A flash made of B's:Part5

Rated 5 / 5 stars

HAGGARD! Lookin' not-so-Haggard! [CD2011--#753]

Don't worry about ze fails. There shall be B... and B shall guide you to the true path to enlightenment. Don't worry, B happy. And somesuch. :)

Happy Clock Day 2011, man!

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Haggard responds:

Happy Clock Day to you too man! Really happy you reviewed this flash. I give your review 10 stars! Let that B a lesson to you!

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Clock Defense Clock Defense

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Not a bad Clock Day game

Compared to every single other game I've seen today (except for a top-down zombie shooter which was decent, but not clock-related), yours is the winner by far.

The enemies, the laser, the upgrades... all are tuned pretty well and there's enough variety in the enemies if not in the laser itself, but... the one thing I think would really benefit it would be more of a maze for the clocks to go through. The paths in games like Defense Grid and flash tower defense games are always the things that keep it interesting.

Different rates of speed in the enemies does lead to some interesting 3x, 4x, etc. multikills with one laser blast, but it got a bit old by wave 10 for me. Still, good job!

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Christmas chaos(Miked21) Christmas chaos(Miked21)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I did kill all the zombies... [750.5]

... but that's the problem. I had clicked the save game option a couple times before buying guns between levels so I could resume from there if I died midlevel, which I did once. Problem was, when I resumed, or if I closed the game window and reloaded it later, it would load the same level I was on, only I'd have more money than I had when I first started that level and clicked save... plus I'd have less ammo than I should have had. It was saving my game from the moment I died/closed the window.

Which wouldn't be all that much of a problem except on the final level, the "kill 50 zombies" level, I wiped out all 50, but couldn't reach an end to the level. There was a snowy ledge that was impossible to jump onto at the right of a long, low plain... and I figured "oh, okay. No real "end of game," that's fine."

So then I reloaded the game window and it put me at the start of that final level, with less ammo, more money, etc... same deal... and there's no way for me to start over.

I'd really like to try the two weapons I didn't buy the first time through, and play it from the start again, as it's a very enjoyable Santa-shoots-zombies game, but... I can't. I even switched from Opera to Firefox to see if it was a browser cookie you were using... nope, it still put me on the final level. You must have it tied to IP or something.

Please fix this, either give us an option in the Options menu to delete save info, or... just fix the way it works, I guess.

That said, it only slightly mars the experience of blasting zombies. I found that the machine guns (though I didn't try the final one) were a bit lacking, as not only did they need twice as many or more bullets to kill each individual zombie, but they were so inaccurate as to require even more. They were good against one or two zombies from the same direction... and there was way too much ammo for 'em.

The shotguns were a joy. The M3 was an early effective weapon, the SPAS was surprisingly... not much better than the M3, and ammo was scarce... but just as in Far Cry 2, nothing beats the USAS-12 up close. EXCELLENT auto-firing shotty action. Love it! Well done with the gun animations, too, and the shell casing ejections and all. Plz to fix the saves. ;_;

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Don Quixote Don Quixote

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I am sooooo deja-vu'ing to Oregon Trail [722.2]

Dude.... your game's graphics totally take me back to the Oregon Trail days. Seriously... I love it. Great backgrounds... the road, trees, greenery, buildings.... it's the zenith of your flash.

Now, the gameplay.... OTOH... is a bit more... problematic. And when I say problematic, I mean overly simplistic. As others have said, a linear path with four stops along the way to kill enemies arranged in the exact same pattern... 4 each time (BTW, it's very considerate of them to line themselves up JUST PERFECT for your lance to slice 'n' dice 'em all like that!).... it's just not very full and enriching an experience. Even Oregon Trail had branches in the path where you had to select different routes or methods for crossing a river and so forth!

But here's the main problems I can spell out for you

A) the lance hit detection's a bit off... if you move the mouse faster than a snail, you can skip right past an enemy, even though the lance was flung right over them.
B) speaking of that... lances are used to knock people off a horse, and they're used along the same line as their length... meaning if anything, you would stab with them, not slice/chop.
C) you spelled Dulcinea right in the intro but wrong at the end of the gameplay.

But really, it's an educational and fun little thing here... you could really turn this into an awesome flash game on NG with just a little more work, man. Good luck tilting at windmills, Don Quixote style! #;-}>

Recent Audio Reviews

Dispenser Erectin' Dispenser Erectin'

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Needs moar wrenchin' [10]

Wrenchin' being to TF2 what cowbell is to Blue Oyster Cult songs, I guess.

The intro was very excellent, and the sounds of the wrenchin' along with the various equipment building sounds was very promising, I thought perhaps you were gonna feature nothing but that sort of percussion. So it was a BIT of a letdown to hear normal beats along with all the synthy voices + TF2 char voices throughout the rest of the song, but... it was still quite excellent. I mean, come on... Portal gets so many song tributes thanks to Still Alive, it's nice to hear TF2 get some love in the fan-made song department.


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{Blaze} {Blaze}

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Boy am I glad I was in the portal a moment ago [9]

Otherwise I wouldn't have happened upon your song. The flash itself was nothing special, in fact I got distracted by an IM after watching a bit of it, but thus your song continued in the background for several minutes as I IMed and browsed the web.

Great, great song. Takes me right back to the glory days of RageVI and ParagonX9 in the early days of the Audio Portal. You know, though it's a bit cleaner and simpler (not that that's a bad thing) than most techno on (the old, original 1990s that paid artists for their music a shitload pre-internet bubble collapse, I mean), this song would have been good enough to earn you 10,000s of $s back then (me, I earned $220 bucks back then, heh). Great stuff.

And I just realised while looking through my meager 8 audio reviews up to now (well, I've made a couple more, but some songs got deleted, bleh) that you're the same dude who made {Sunlight}, which was one of the songs that got me to start audio reviewing again after 3 years of not doing it. I should really listen to all your stuff in one go, but I actually love finding new jewels by you and others here by someone just happening to put them in a flash (no matter the quality of the flash). Great work, I should say more about the song itself, but I'll sum it up with:

Absolutely love the strings during the slowing fade-out, BTW, and some of the builds you... built. #;-}> As great as the energy level is through most of this one, I'd love to hear you do an ambient/chill-out song with some similar synths to this.

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~EnV~Heaven Rd. 2 (Ng mix) ~EnV~Heaven Rd. 2 (Ng mix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Entrancing... [8.2]

Love the Russian Space Programesque ping noises at the start of the song, first off. I'm sure there's a much better, shorter, and more accepted term for that type of synth, but I'm sure everyone can tell what I mean. Heh.

Reminds me of a techno artist from the old late 90s PPK2000 or something like that. Also of this one song from Hooj Choons vol. 3.

ANYWHO... only even heard this because of some simple, basic maze game just submitted to the portal this past hour, but the song really spruced it up. Aside from the awesome spacey synths, I like the breakdown, especially once the hi-hat kicks in. The vocal sample is... okay, but almost used too much, especially since it's a bit too Mortal Kombatish for the song, IMO. But 80% of the time I prefer female vox in techno, so I'm prolly biased. #;-}>

Great job, lots of lush layers, plenty of stuff to listen for on re-listens... well deserving of being in 20+ flash entries!

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